Monday, August 6, 2007

Johanna Cardona sex tape

Johanna Cardona sex tape


Good news peeps! There is a new celebrity sex tape with Colombian celebrity Johanna Cardona and her ex-boyfriend Oscar Crespo. It seems that Oscar got pissed off after Johanna dumped him. He uploaded an sex video having sex with Johanna. Johanna Cardona video is 20 minutes long. I saw it and I must say it's real celeb porn. It is recorded on the cell phone, but the quality (both of sound and picture) is good enough.

It starts with good old blowjob (Johanna really knows how to give a head):
Johanna Cardona blowjob

She is ready for some real celeb porn:
Johanna Cardona

Johanna Cardona takes it in the ass:
Johanna Cardona video
Good stuff, peeps! Do you know which celebrity site will have the full Johanna Cardona video soon?Just in the case you've missed Noelia sex tape you can download it at  Btw, her name is Johanna Cardona, not Johana Cardona.

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