Monday, August 13, 2007

Alyssa Milano

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Date of birth: 12/19/1972
Alyssa Milano played Tony Danza's daughter on the TV series Who's the Boss?, teaching viewers the joys of watching a young girl develop, buy a bra to handle her blossoming charms, and then lose her virginity. When the show was cancelled, Alyssa lost the bra, and her massive talent spilled over onto the big screen. In Embrace of the Vampire (1994), she embraced more than gothic occultism, but lesbianism and threesomes too. For Poison Ivy 2: Lily (1995), Alyssa's bouncingly firm dynamic duo showed why two are better than one. Returning to the small screen didn't mean buttoning up her expressiveness. She went topless for The Outer Limits and sent audiences out of their minds. Bewitching with Shannen Doherty, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs on TV's now sadly defunct Charmed, Alyssa definitely puts a spell on you.
Skinfo: Alyssa took off her bikini for Bikini magazine when her prime-time run on Who's the Boss? ended in 1992. She says it was really for a coffee-table book about celebrities and their tattoos. Mr. Skin likes the hairy one she sports between her legs.
Quote: "I feel a lot healthier when I'm having sex. Physically. I feel all these jitters when I wake up in the morning. Just energy jitters. I take vitamins, I work out every day. When I'm having sex, I don't have that."
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