Monday, August 13, 2007

Italian Stallion (1970)

AKA: The Party at Kitty and Stud's
Director: Morton Lewis
Rated: X
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 71 minutes
US DVD Release: 07/06/2004
Genre(s): Adult
Keyword(s): Bath Scenes, B&D/S&M , Group Sex, Lesbian, Interracial, Menage-a-trois, Public Nudity , Real/Explicit Sex, Shower Scenes
actress key Who Got Naked

Janet Banzet
Girl in Park

Henrietta Holm

MrSkin's Movie Review

Actor Sylvester Stallone has never lacked for confidence. Long before his breakout hit Rocky (1976), the young thespian was known among casting directors and discerning cineastes to be brazenly cocky, as proven by the future superstar's stellar performance in Italian Stallion (1970). Stallone's Stallion character is known simply and definitively as Stud, a moniker derived from the movie's original title, Party at Kitty and Stud's. The plot complexities are easily summed up: Stud has lightly rough sex with his girlfriend, Kitty. Afterward three more chicks show up, eager to party, and Stud goes a round with each. This feat of masculine endurance must certainly have planted a seed for Stallone's future displays of two-fisted resolve on the epic scale.

Fast Forward to: (0:16) The camera zooms in for an up-close and very personal view of Henrietta Holm's hooters, heinie, and Hairietta when she performs a groovy go-go dance sans clothes.

Skinfo: Sly Stallone was paid a paltry two hundred bucks for his pervy performance in Italian Stallion, but when you get to cavort on camera with a bevy of naked babes, money tends to lose its appeal.

Fast Forward to the Good Parts of... Janet Banzet
Skin Time- Scene Description
As Sly Stallone drives away, Janet opens her coat and shows an unbelievably lush frontal flash.

(9 seconds)

Fast Forward to the Good Parts of... Henrietta Holm
Skin Time- Scene Description
Henrietta and Sly get slippery in the shower . . . he lends a hand, helping her suds up her bubbly booblies and thick, wet muffage.

(66 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
Hen dances the shing-a-ling in an open robe, which she quickly shucks in favor of shimmying in the raw. Awesome boobs, butt, and close-up bush!

(153 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
Henrietta's "Porky Piggin' it" in a shirt and no pants, showing off that tush and lush bush while Stallone gives her a good thrashing with his belt.

(81 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
All in! Lucky Sly enjoys a million-girl pile up. Ms. Holm rolls around with glee, baring every B her hot, '70s style bod has to offer.

(48 seconds)

Skin Time- Scene Description
Henrietta's got the eye of the tiger and the tits of a champ as she cavorts with Rocky and a bunch of gals during an orgy. She's on the left, showing it all.

(120 seconds)

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