Monday, August 13, 2007

Jessica Biel

Place of birth: Ely, Minnesota, USA
Date of birth: 03/03/1982
Ever fall under the spell of a girl who is so hot that even standing hip cocked in an old T-shirt and cut-off blue jeans her exquisitely formed chair cheeks and her perfectly thrusting, ever-so-slightly swaying top tier are impossible to look away from? Even when busted for staring too hard by her sly, knowing eyes and given the brush off by her curling, sex-imp nose and grin, still it is impossible to look away. She is a torturer, and she knows she causes pain, and she takes pleasure in the erotic distress that dogs her every movement. She is Jessica Biel, and to glimpse her is the first step on the road to agony and madness. Knowing all of this, aware also that she has never, as of yet, gone more bare than bikini or underwear, still she must be loved. Why is it that we are so weak, and that it feels so good to be that way?
Skinfo: They say you can't put a price on hotness, but in 2006, a man paid $30,000 for the priviledge of taking Jessica on a dinner date. The money went to charity.
Quote: "Nudity [in movies] for me is not out of the question at all. I can't wait to challenge myself and do it."
See her naked in ....
London 2005
Stealth 2005
Fly Away From Here (Music Video) 2000

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