Monday, August 13, 2007

Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

AKA: Cheeseburger Film Sandwich
Director: Joe Dante
Rated: R
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 85 minutes
Theatrical Release: 09/18/1987
US DVD Release: 09/09/1998
Genre(s): Comedy, Sci Fi
Keyword(s): Public Nudity
Who Got Naked
Monique Gabrielle
Taryn Steele
Tracy Hutchinson
Floozie (segment
Non-Nude Knockouts
Carrie Fisher
Mary Brown (segment
Angel Tompkins
First Lady (segment


Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) is another in the funny line of skit comedy movies such as The Groove Tube (1974) and Kentucky Fried Movie (1977). And like those classics, this doesn't disappoint in either the humor or horny departments. It features a revolving door of talent, including Arsenio Hall, Phil Hartman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sybil Danning, B. B. King, Rosanna Arquette, Steve Guttenberg, Slappy White, Steve Allen, Henny Youngman , Ed Bagely Jr., Jenny Agutter, Ralph Bellamy, Andrew Dice Clay, and many more. Most nudeworthy is Monique Gabrielle as a Pethouse Pet of the Month who poses all of her fine skin for the camera and then goes for a walk around L.A. without a stitch on, commenting on her likes and dislikes in typical centerfold fashion. Corinne Wahl also offers some topless action as a video-dating girl. Girls with their breasts out are always funny.

Fast Forward to: (0:06) Monique is completely naked during a photo shoot and then does what every man wishes these nude models would do after work: She heads out for a public stroll with nothing on but her pubic.

Skinfo: The movie has a number of directors helming the different segments, including John Landis, who knows a thing or two about mixing comedy and comely gals. He did so successfully in the aforementioned Kentucky Fried Movie, Animal House (1978), and The Blues Brothers (1980).

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