Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gisele seems to be Satisfied with her Looks!

the Brazilian supermodel, doesn't know what should the change that can add some more unch to her looks. Hosting the launch of a new store, the model said that the only thing that she would like to change at present is the "strapless dress" she was wearing! This was the reason,that most of the times, the model was spotted adjusting her dress to avoid an incident wardrobe malfunctioning. "Oh, I just don't know. But perhaps I'd change this dress. It keeps slipping down," a tabloid quoted her, as saying. "I think it's about two sizes bigger for me but I've been so busy all day that I've barely had a minute to myself. So changing this earlier was not possible," she added. However, the cumbersome outfit did not stop the 26-year-old, who is the new face of a new Swiss watch-maker sponsor, from beating the team's Thierry Henry in a spontaneous penalty shootout. "It is a really cool watch!"

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